Sites with smarts

The secret to happy customers? A frustration-free web experience. You (and your website users) want beauty, ease, speed and accessibility—we've got you covered. ECS provides comprehensive web design and development, along with friendly, long-term customer support. We also furnish responsive sites that adapt to the dimensions of your viewing device. Resize your browser to see it in action!


You understand the importance of first impressions, so the value of a strong logo is no surprise. If your current logo has you hiding under a rock—or if it simply needs a little freshening up—ECS can help.

  • New logo for JEM Software reboot

  • Logo for rock group Hypostatic Union

  • Updated logo for the Bronx Household of Faith

  • Logo for Fungong Mental Health in China

  • Logo for Al Menconi's Christian Music Diet

  • New logo & rebranding for SIL intranet

  • Logo for the Look! 2012 conference

Video production

ECS offers a broad range of professional video services, from corporate and real estate to wedding and music videos. In our media-rich world, making your voice heard can be a challenge. We give your videos the attention they deserve to reach the audience you desire.

Corporate video for NPO Wycliffe Global Alliance

Graphic design

Need a poster for next week's big show? Has that future bestseller just been gathering dust until the right cover art comes along? Draw interest and increase sales with the benefit of thoughtful graphic design by ECS.

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